Feature Upgrade: Quickbooks Sales Integration

Proper accounting is the cornerstone to any successful store, and although Ricochet has had the ability to send payout info to Quickbooks for quite some time, it was left up to the store to manually enter sales information at the end of the day.  

That changes today!

Ricochet has upgraded the Quickbooks integration to now allow for sales data to automatically be sent to your Quickbooks online account.  Every night Ricochet will send two entries to your sales journal report.  One will be the sales receipt, which will show the subtotal of all sales organized by category. The other option will be the Sale Journal, which will show you all tender types and tax rates used in that day’s sales. 

There are a few requirements to use this feature.

  1. This integration is only available for users in the United States
  2. This integration will not work with the downloadable version of Quickbooks
  3. You will need to use any Quickbooks subscription package above “Simple Start”

If you are interested in learning more about the new integration, watch the tutorial video below!