Ricochet vs. our competition. How we stack up.

Since our launch into the consignment industry, Ricochet has been a stand-out competitor. As the first cloud-based point of sale system, the first to bring full Mac and iPad functionality, and releasing updates and new features significantly faster than others, we stood out quite clearly.

But how do things stack up today? We’ve gone through our largest competitors and written up some of their highlights.

(updated fall 2019)

Simple Consign

Basic Version at $129/month

Simple Consign is probably the most comparable system to Ricochet. The feature set is fairly similar, and both systems are cloud-based.

The biggest difference is cost and accessibility. Ricochet for consignment is $109/month, Simple Consign’s similar tier is $279/month. This is the only tier that includes simple photo uploading through their external app, consignor access, and vendor access. Ricochet comes standard with unlimited users. That includes consignors and vendors, who can monitor their account, products, and add inventory on their own.

Where Simple Consign also falls short of most standards is their retail inventory system. If your store is like most new stores in 2019, you will carry a mix of consigned and retail items. We call them hybrid stores. Since Ricochet has full systems tailored to both industries, our consignment platform significantly outperforms Simple Consign for hybrid operations.

Like most of our competitors, their software is stuck in a legacy setup (although Simple Consign is cloud-based) with an outdated design and slow to release features.

Liberty5 (ResaleWorld)

$1,495 One-time installed

Liberty Virtual Server $119/month +$30/user

Probably one of the oldest software providers in the industry, Resaleworld is a legacy system that requires a Windows PC running the Pro version of Windows. It’s an install system that has absolutely no Mac or tablet compatibility. In fact, they strongly recommend not even trying to use it on a laptop. You can’t access the software from your devices, and you must purchase the software and have it installed on your desktop computer. The current workaround is a “cloud” app that just virtually connects you via their server.

They like to tout their connections to platforms to Shopify, Quickbooks, Constant Contact and others, but since their software is install-based, there is no actual real-time connection. Rather, the data must be downloaded to your computer and then manually uploaded to your application of choice.


$1295 one-time download

ConsignPro is a legacy, install-based system that strongly advises its users to fear “the cloud.” With that, their reports only export to Microsoft Access, and the system frequently struggles to run when you reach higher quantities of SKUs. As an alternative to building an online version, they offer virtual services that simply connect your screen to another device via remote access.

If like most people, you ever run into even a minor issue with the software, they charge you an annual fee for limited support. Additionally, their downloadable guide is a 142 page PDF.


Cloud-based, what does it mean, and how does it help your store?

There’s a lot to unpack here. Let’s get one thing straight right away, your data is secure, you can download it whenever you want, and there is nothing to worry about. There is a lot of fear and confusion about what it means when something is cloud-based. You may or may not know, but over 90% of applications in 2019 are cloud-based; the tools and apps you use every single day. Take, for example, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Google Drive, Fivestars, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Spotify, Apple Music, Gmail, and basically any other tool you use for your business or personal use. The idea of installed and downloaded software is a thing of the past.

There are a ton of benefits to cloud storage.

  • Immense and affordable scalability
  • Rapid updates and product bug fixes
  • 100% performance, regardless of device age
  • Mobile use
  • Third-party integrations
  • Simple pricing
  • Low entry cost
  • Device flexibility

So don’t let fears of cloud-based software get to you. It’s a fancy word that people like to throw around. The core of it all means that you will get a better product for a better price that works on the devices you love and use every day.


Pricing. Yes, we actually mean it when we say unlimited.

We don’t talk about it a lot, but one of our core business values is running a lean operation. We like to keep our team small and effective. By avoiding office bloat and excess, it allows us to build incredible tools and offer them at an affordable price. Yes, we may not always be the absolute cheapest option out there, but we can guarantee you’ll get the most for your money. The best part, the price never changes for you.

With Ricochet, you can have as many registers as you want, unlimited SKU’s, consignors, staff, devices, categories, variants, and almost anything else you can think of for one simple price. Why would we punish you for being successful? It is our goal to help your store succeed with great software. That always comes first and foremost.

New Changes & Adaptability.

If you have been with us for even a few months, you may have noticed that Ricochet is constantly evolving. In the last 12 months alone, we have launched over two dozen new features! Here’s a shortlist of our favorites.

  • Full app design update
  • New reporting dashboard
  • iPad scalable POS
  • Revamped reports
  • New category management
  • New label customization & interface
  • New Quickbooks Integration
  • New MailChimp Integration
  • Integrated processing for Apple Devices
  • Sale & Account Notes
  • New global discount system

As you may be able to tell, we’ve been busy. But the best part is we are not even close to finished. We already have a ton of goals, features, projects, and other cool innovations coming for 2020. Currently, our development team is building a fully-featured iOS app for mobile devices, and we are working on a robust customer data and shopping trends for your store to use for marketing purposes.

It all boils down to the fact that Ricochet is growing, thriving, and putting a ton of effort into building a better platform. The software is never done. We don’t stop and release “new versions” every 5 to 10 years and then charge you to update. All Ricochet accounts get the latest version all the time. New features are constantly in development, and there are always new ways to further your business.


Ricochet Remains The Clear Leader In The Consignment Segment

If you’re just opening a new store or have a successful operation already in hand, we would love to chat and see how Ricochet can work for you. Save time, move more product, connect with your customers and consignors, and experience a truly contemporary and powerful consignment software solution.