Add an Item from Individual Consignor Account

  1. Click “Accounts” from the main navigational menu.
  2. Click “Consignors/Customers”.
  3. Single click consignor from the list that you wish to add an item too.
  4. Click the “Inventory” tab.
  5. Click “Add” from left side menu.
  6. Enter the items attributes such as Category, Title, description etc etc.
  7. If you would like to offer the consignor a flat rate for the item rather than a commission split, fill the amount the consignor would like to receive into the Cost/Net field, this will bypass the commission split.
  8. Input a quantity.
  9. Select whether the item is taxable, whether it should have an item fee attached, and whether it follows auto-discount rules.
  10. Click “Save” or “Save and Print”.