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Point of Sale

Sell anything from anywhere with flexible and easy-to-use point of sale.

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Inventory Management

Add and manage consigned and retail inventory with ease.

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Keep your store growing with integrated sales and data reports.

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Automatic discounts, employee roles, label and tag templates, and more.

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Build an integrated website that automatically syncs with your inventory.

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Run the entire software on virtually any modern device.

New Store.

Old Store.

Big Store.

Small Store.

Built for any type of brick-and-mortar or online operation. From pure consignment to pure retail, it all works together and scales with your business.

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100% consigned inventory

Mobile Shops

Consignment/Retail Hybrids

Vendor Warehouses


Experience software without limits.

Software shouldn’t ever hold back your growth. Unlock the potential of your store with software that can scale with you.

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Unlimited Data

Unlimited Inventory

Unlimited Devices

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Consignors

Unlimited Support

Use the devices you love with consignment’s most compatible software.

Secure and powerful cloud-based software, designed for just about every device. Use the hardware you're already familiar with or set up a stunning customer experience with beautiful point-of-sale packages.

Build a better web store.

Compliment your brick-and-mortar locations with a stunning website. Synchronize your products in real-time, reach new customers, and sell your products worldwide.

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