Point of sale. Where it all happens.

The heartbeat of your store. Ring up sales quickly, move more products, and reward your customers for their purchases. With Ricochet’s POS, you can quickly add new products directly at the point of sale, create and apply discounts, track customer sales and rewards, create layaways, and run every other core function your sales staff needs.

POS Screen

Everything you need, just a touch away.

Run Simple Sales

Manual Item Entry

Individual Discounts

Global Discounts

Auto-Applied Discounts

Individual Tax Exemption

Customer Loyalty Tracking

Multiple Payment Methods

Suspend & Hold Sales

Sale Notes

Full iPad Compatibility

Buy - Trade

Payment Options


Credit Cards

Gift Cards


Consignor Credit

Customer Rewards

Recommended Devices For Point of Sale:

The all-new Ricochet POS was designed with the iPad in mind. Creating an elegant and powerful solution for mobile devices was our initial goal when building the software. In fact, we often recommend using an iPad as your main register. The iPhone is also a fantastic device to use if you want to ring up customers right on the sales floor, or are running a mobile event where you do not have your primary register device with you.

Desktop PCs

Laptop PCs

Mac Laptops

Mac Desktops



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