Better rates.

More security.

Powerful capability.

Run credit cards, gift cards, and more with peace-of-mind directly through the software. For both new and existing stores, save money on a reduced transaction rate to keep your profits higher.

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Credit card processing is a service.

We like to keep it that way.

Ricochet has direct integrations with Payment Logistics®, Gravity Payments® and Square®. Every store's needs will vary, so we offer multiple options to choose from, that best suit your unique store's requirements.

We chose our partnerships based on their integrity, transparency, and honest business practices. Plus, all are known for supporting incredible rates for small and upcoming stores.

Complete Integration

Run credit card transactions directly within the software. Reduce errors and speed up your sales process.

Reduce Your Rate

Get more per transaction with a lower transaction rate.

More Payment Security

Use the latest encryption and data security technology to keep you and your customers safe.

Gift Card Capability

Let your customers give the gift of shopping at your store with built-in gift card compatibility.

Web Store Integration

Track your online sales directly alongside your brick-and-mortar accounting and speed up your online sales process.

Wireless & Mobile Solutions

Ring up customers from virtually anywhere. Remotely or on the move within the store, your POS system can be more mobile.

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