About Ricochet Consignment Software

Our Mission

Ricochet Consignment Software was created for the consignment industry by those who know it best. Consignment and resale stores were left behind by advancements in POS and inventory solutions by the retail industry and it's time to catch back up. We have created our consignment point of sale software to combine modern technology with traditional customer interaction to allow small businesses to thrive in a rapidly growing industry. By providing a cloud consignment software solution you can be free from expensive workstations and incorporate more devices to allow you to stay mobile, be more efficient and increase your productivity.

Ever Evolving

Ricochet is and will forever be an evolving solution for the consignment and resale industry. Built on the core functionality to get businesses going we have also designed our software to expand and introduce more features all the time as our users and industry professionals give us feedback. Your feedback is vital to the success of our software and we encourage you to provide suggestions or ideas that can continue to shape and evolve Ricochet Consignment Software.

Meet the Executive Team

Brady Briscoe


Brady has 8+ years of experience directly in the consignment industry by working for and running a family owned furniture consignment store. From the front line on the sales floor to the back office the experience has driven him to produce a much more efficient tool to help busy small businesses maximize their productivity levels.

Nick O'Leary

Executive of Marketing/Sales

Nick O'Leary has over 8 years of experience in communications marketing and digital media. He has worked closely with consignment store owners providing online marketing and social media strategies, as well as graphic design and videography to keep their businesses competitive and thriving.

Ben Hartley

Executive of Finance

Ben is a CPA with 10+ years of experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. His business knowledge and experience adds an invaluable aspect to our executive team. Ben is also a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and has worked with a Myriad of accounting systems and software products.

Not quite sure yet?

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