About Us

Ricochet was officially launched in 2014. With roots in home furniture consignment and a software development background, our founders set forth with the idea that consignment shouldn't be the last to adopt modern technology. Creating a platform to free store owners from the constraints of old tech and practices, Ricochet was first tested internally at the original Ricochet Rack in Boise, Idaho before being released to the public.

Now, years later, the software has been thoroughly redesigned, rebuilt, and continues to evolve with those original goals in mind. Our agile team, headquartered in Boise, Idaho, regularly stretches the capability and tradition of the consignment world to drive new ideas and foster an industry we all love.

Think You Might Fit In?

We Might Have The Role For You.

We are always looking for passionate and ambitious leaders wanting to hone their skills and create a difference in the consignment and retail communities. Ricochet is a small and tightly-knit team of individuals. We work with agility and always put our life balance first. We believe that you work your best when the rest of your life is in order. You take the time off you need, you get coffee with the people that matter in your life, and you make time to finish projects you take on. If you value your time, you challenge industry standards, and have the mindset of a learner, you'll fit in well here.

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