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Reporting is often the most overlooked part of business software. But good reporting can make or break your business. Knowing exactly where your money is going, how and when your sales are most active, understanding your profit margin with various splits, all of this information is critical to your store’s success. Ricochet features many built-in reports, and more being developed regularly.

Custom Dashboard

Quickly see the information you need most with custom dashboards. See how your sales are doing for the day, which categories are most profitable, among several other modules for you to explore.

Cashflow Management

See exactly where your money is going, how you’re receiving it, and how to make your store more profitable. Open and close registers and keep a balanced, daily till.

Fully Exportable Tables

Along with beautiful and understandable visuals, Ricochet reports are all exportable to CSV to allow you to dig deeper using the spreadsheet tool or your choice.

Data Never Expires

Explore the long-term growth and changes to your store with custom date pickers. Go back as far as you want, the data is always there and ready.

Take control of your data and find the insights you need most.

With 9 reports currently built-in, you can easily find and export the exact data you are looking for. So much more than just pretty graphs and charts, good reports are the key to your store’s long-term growth.

Payout History

Product Aging

Receipt History

Register Closing Totals

Sales By Category

Sales By Employee

Sales By Product

Sales Detail

Sales Summary

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