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Organizing and keeping track of your consignors and their products, and your suppliers and their inventory, is core to Ricochet. Keep detailed records on their payouts, inventory, contract terms, and more. Consignors also get access to their own login to check in on their products or add their own inventory, a perfect solution for vendor-based operations.

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The Organization Your Store Needs

Consignors: Track your consignors' inventory from item entry to sale, issue individual payouts, and see their entire payout history.

Customers: Attach emails and phone numbers to allow for email or text receipts, review their purchase history.

Employees: Customize the access level for all employees, from managers to cashiers; give them access to what you want them to see.

Suppliers: Organize your retail suppliers and add and review items right within their accounts.

Custom Name Fields

Keep the unique IDs and names for your consignors or vendors to organize and manage them more easily.

Consignor Credit Adjustment

Create fees and other adjustments to your consignors for services your store provides. Create advertising or rental fees to move products quickly and stay profitable.

Rewards & Store Credit

Incentivize your customers and consignors to come back and do more business with your store. Create rewards thresholds and track their earnings to spend on other products.

Automatic Splits

Speed up your item entry process with default and automatic commission splits for all of your consignors or vendors.

Tax Exemption

Exempt unique accounts, such as non-profits and home staging companies, from retail taxes.

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