Feature-full to keep your products moving and your customers coming back.

Built by a skilled team of former consignment store experts, Ricochet has been meticulously crafted to handle the most essential parts of your store with ease. Whether it's your point-of-sale, managing and organizing your customers, handling consignor payouts, or understanding the financial state of your store, everything is in one place and always on track.

It all works together.

Hundreds of features designed specifically for the resale and retail business. From being able to quickly organize and track your inventory, to easily manage payouts and your consignors, Ricochet is constantly evolving and adapting with new features. Never be stuck with software that goes out of date.

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Building an effective web presence is more important than ever before. Skip the hassle of synchronizing and adding your products to a third-party platform by building your website directly through Ricochet. Featuring stunning, contemporary themes, your products stay up to date and your shipping, sales, and tax information stays current with the software you use the most.

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World-class security and scalability.

Further your business with cloud-based software. Safer, more secure, and fully scalable. Never worry about data corruption, caps, or maintaining internal servers, and use the devices you love most whether in-store or on the go.

  • - Unlimited Data
  • - Unlimited Inventory
  • - Unlimited Devices
  • - Unlimited Users
  • - Unlimited Customers
  • - Unlimited Consignors
  • - Unlimited Support

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