Better marketing, better websites, better experience. Integrations make everything possible.

Utilize the power of cloud-based software with built-in, third-party integrations. Use the tools you love most and expand the capabilities of Ricochet for your store.

Quickbooks Icon Quickbooks Online

Connect to your QuickBooks account and automatically synchronize your payouts and product sales history. Reduce your time spent manually creating checks and balancing your books. QuickBooks integration is free and built right in to Ricochet.

Mailchimp Icon Mailchimp

Market to your customers and consignors for free with Mailchimp. By connecting Ricochet with Mailchimp, you can build out powerful marketing campaigns, advertise sales, communicate with your top consignors, and grow your online business.

Google Analytics Icon Google Analytics

Connect your valuable web data to Google Analytics for real-time tracking. Expand your marketing efforts and optimize your website with one of the most powerful and useful tools on the web.

Facebook Icon Facebook Shops

With Facebook and Instagram, you can list and sell products using a variety of Facebook functions. This includes various options such as a shop section on your page, adding products to posts, products on Instagram or Facebook stories, and creating ad campaigns for your inventory.

Pinterest icon Pinterest Verification

Ensure your social media users that your products are legitimate and that your website is safe and secure. Free and simple verification with Pinterest is included.

Custom HTML icon Shipstation

Natively within Ricochet, we include basic shipping options to help stores get started. However, large volume stores may need a bit of bump in their shipping capabilities. With ShipStation, get access to many carriers, label printing and more.

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