Get your consignors paid.

No matter what your store's routine, Ricochet offers your store the versatility you need.

Send payouts with Ricochet ACH

Print payout checks from Ricochet

Send payouts to QuickBooks

Convert payouts to store credit

Multiple Payouts
Sent Receive

Ricochet Pay™

A Modern Solution

Ricochet ACH allows you to send payouts directly to consignors; the set-up process is straightforward and secure.

Keep Track of Everything

Keep every payout issued through Ricochet a click away. Ricochets payout history allows you to easily track information or send your payout data to QuickBooks at no additional cost.

Keep Your Community Connected

Consignors can receive notifications when payouts have been issued through the Ricochet Go app, available for Apple and Android smartphones.

Makes it Easy on Yourself and
Your Consignors

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