What kind of store are you running?

Software isn't a one-size-fits-all formula. There are two versions of Ricochet, each tailored with the essential tools and functions for your store to operate at it's peak.


Retail Stores

Clothing, boutiques, outdoor, & more.

I Run A Retail Shop


Consignment Stores

Furniture, clothing, vendor-based, & more.

I Run A Consignment Store

Do more. Sell more. Make more.

All systems check. Servers and architecture built for multiple active users, and rapid changes.

Never be bothered with aging systems. Everything runs at blazing speeds, no matter how many users are online, registers you use, and stores you manage. Cloud-based security and server architecture keeps your business firing on all cylinders at all times.

Support when it matters most.

Never pay for support again. Our team of great listeners is here to help your navigate the complicated waters of retail. We will be here when you most need us should there ever be an issue.

Keeping things fast and efficient with a powerful POS.

Busy lines are a great sign and an annoying problem. Keep your store firing on all cylinders with a POS that can rapidly ring up customers and keep up with your busiest days. Run multiple registers, back office, and other functions from any device anywhere in the store.

Uncover the recipe to your store's success.

Find trends, discover opportunities, and unearth the keys to keeping your store profitable and growing. Every account in Ricochet gets our fully-featured reporting structure and every report can be exported to a csv. Unleash your inner data nerd, and find new ways to grow your business.

Keep your consignors informed & connected.

Your consignors are the centerpiece to a consignment business. Empower them to consign products faster and more effectively with their own login to check the status of their inventory, payouts, and more. Let your vendors manage their own inventory with the same sleek and efficient system your entire store uses.

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