Ricochet keeps your consignors in the know.

With our brilliantly intuitive dashboard, consignors and vendors can log in to Ricochet to check their items, see their pending payouts, view their transaction history, and manage their own inventory. By eliminating time-consuming calls from consignors and vendors that need to check in on the status of their products, you can stay dedicated to helping your customers.

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Save Time & Empower Consignors

Ricochet takes the guesswork out of consignment. With tools like the Ricochet Go™ app, users can view everything right from their device of choice.

Allow consignors to:

Log in from any browser

Receive important notifications

View agreements

Add and adjust inventory

Every feature on the Go™

Save yourself and your staff countless hours managing the inventory of your vendor operations by empowering your consignors and vendors to take charge of their own accounts with Ricochet Go™. Let them log into their own Ricochet account to add inventory, manage their finances, and print their own tags. Your consignors and vendors will sell more, and you'll be able to focus on your business.

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