Premium hardware for the best customer experience possible.

Ricochet is consignment's only 100% Apple-compatible ecosystem.

Impress your customers and set a higher bar for your store's brand. Running a store is complicated, make sure your hardware is compatible with the software and tools you need.

Best practices for using an iPad-based POS.

iPads can be fantastic devices to give your store a more modern, premium feel to it. Ricochet has been specifically designed to fully function on tablets as small as a standard iPad or iPad Air. If you want to use one of the newer, larger iPad pros, those will work even better!

The only limitation right now with iPads is printing physical receipts. There currently are no receipt printers natively compatible with Apple's Airprint functionality. Fortunately, beginning in summer 2019, we will begin development of an iOS and Android version of Ricochet that will solve that.

Any full-size, modern iPad

Sturdy, rotatable iPad stand

Socket Bluetooth Scanner

EMV Card Reader from our preferred processors

For the ultimate Apple retail ecosystem, here's what we recommend:

For your POS

iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac.

Scan gun (Socket s700 for iPad)

STAR TSP Receipt Printer

EMV Card Reader (with integrated processing)

Chrome internet browser (Ricochet iOS app if on iPad)

For The Back Of The Store

MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac.

Scan gun

DYMO Label Printer

Chrome internet browser

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use An iPad with Ricochet?

Yes, but there are few requirements and limitations.

  1. iPads make great customer-facing systems, but we strongly recommend a proper computer for the back of house operations such as adding and managing inventory. You can do it on an iPad, it just is a more cumbersome process.
  2. If using an iPad for the POS, we also recommend a Bluetooth keyboard to go with it. Having the on-screen keyboard pop up all the time could become annoying and slow down your POS process. A separate keyboard with a 'tab' key is particularly helpful.

Is there a Ricochet App for iOS?


Why do you recommend Google Chrome?

We always recommend Google Chrome because it has the most accurate and consistent print results for labels and receipts. When using Safari or Firefox, your print settings may not save and you won't be able to properly print anything from that device.

How old is too old for a computer running Ricochet?

Generally speaking, 4-6 years is too old. Computer technology changes very rapidly and it is best to keep up-to-date to avoid crashes and other miscellaneous bugs.

Does it matter if I use a laptop or desktop?

Not at all. Laptops can be great tools and will run the software without a problem. Keep in mind all of the peripherals you will be using. Cash drawers, scan guns, label and receipt printers. Some newer, small laptops don't have enough USB ports to support all of your store peripherals. It typically is also a more elegant solution to hide all those cables with a desktop behind the counter.

Want to talk more about Mac compatibility?

Give us a call at (208) 209-6697 to chat with a hardware expert.