Getting the best experience on-the-go.

Ricochet is designed to be compatible with as many devices as possible to allow your store to be more capable in more ways. That means pop-up experiences, local markets, in-store, or on the go. But, there are some limitations and things to consider.

Want to run your shop while on-the-go?

Here are some things you should think about:

Running the POS

Ricochet runs best for your POS checkout when using the iPad iOS App from the Apple App store. While we do recommend you use the iPad app, you can run the POS from a modern smartphone or tablet VIA web browser. Keep in mind though, if using a browser on a phone/tablet, you will be limited on hardware functions such as printing and scanning. If all your hardware is needed, a Laptop is always a great choice as well.

Printing Receipts

Emailing receipts is easily your best bet while not in the store, and most customers these days are happy to accept emailed receipts. But if you have to, you will need the iOS iPad app to print receipts on the go.

Accepting Credit Cards

You can always accept cash anywhere you go. But if you want to accept credit cards, make sure your payment provider can do so while mobile. If you are using Ricochet's integrated service, we have devices that can work in our out of your store. Give us a call to make sure you're set up to do so.

Internet Access

The obvious question is how to get internet access. If your mobile event is at a coffee shop or local event space, their WiFi is often just fine. You can also hotspot your phone to run Ricochet. Keep in mind that Ricochet can use quite a bit of data, but most LTE speeds should be just fine for events.

Here's our best advice for running your store on the go.

Events and pop-ups can be a vital part of your store's success. And with Ricochet, you should be able to participate without any problems. We recommend that you limit your services at these events to just basic sales. It can be difficult to inventory new items, run reports, and other business functions when outside the store. But, the point is to have a wonderful time and make sure you're prepared.

The things you'll need:

Laptop, or iPad (Bluetooth keyboard recommended.

Reliable internet source. (Hot spotting your phone should work in most situations.)

Reliable power source.

Manual cash drawer or cash storage.

EMV Card Reader. (with integrated processing)

Socket Bluetooth scan gun for iPad.

Want to talk more about mobile compatibility?

Give us a call at (208) 209-6697 to chat with a hardware expert.