Software that adapts to your individual needs.

Customize and manage your store the way you would like. Ricochet was built to keep your store on track, but give you enough freedom to do what works best for you. Every store is different. Create your own custom product categories, attribute trees, in-store locations and so much more. Our goal is to make your store more profitable and easier to manage.

Custom Employee Roles

Organize your staff to one of four unique roles. Choose who needs Manager or Admin access to handle your books and other leadership roles, then organize your team into employee roles for everyday duties.

Custom Categories

Create unlimited and custom product categories for your entire store. They are fully searchable and can help you manage the unique items your store carries.

Configurable Access

Access to every single function in Ricochet can be toggled on or off. Create unique roles or restrict access to sensitive information.

Item In-Store Location

Great for large stores and new employees, assign your products to a physical location in the store to help organize and track where items are in your building.

Custom Item Fees

Add a small amount of hard commission to your items with simple item fees, or assign those fees to products your consignors want to sell quickly by assigning a premium store location fee.

Auto-Discounts & Expiration

A key to successful consignment operations, create thresholds and tiers for when and how much to discount your products based on your consignment contracts.

Sometimes mistakes happen. We've got you covered.

Everything in the Ricochet database can be recovered. Aside from old products you permanently delete, the record of your work is still there. That means you can reverse payouts, VOID sales, and so much more just in case something goes wrong. Keep your mind at ease and have assurance in your employees and staff.

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