Full Featured Website with Shopping Cart

A full website with built in shopping cart system directly integrated with Ricochet that works in real-time allowing you to sell your products online and have them go through the same exact process just as if you sold them through the POS. Meaning, no double ringing of sales, no manual syncing, everything happens in real time.

We would love to show you the ropes of this great add-on and how your store can benefit from selling your items online from your own website. The entire website is controlled right from within Ricochet so there are no new interfaces to learn.

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Features for Consignment

Consignor account management and inventory control. Global payouts or individual payouts. Store setup for splits, item fees and auto-discounts.

Easy to Use

Simple and straightforward design and layout. Every screen feels familiar from the last, never feel lost or confused.

No Workstation Restrictions

We don't charge per device or workstation. Use as many workstations as you want in your store. PC, MAC, or tablet.

Top Notch Support

We walk you through initial setup and get you going. An intuitive Support website and of course Phone, Email and chat support all included.